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Somewhere in an unnamed country, lies a small town that many people know nothing about. Surrounded by hills and mountains to the north, forest to the west, ocean to the east and swamps to the south, the little town remains undisturbed, completely self-sufficient and safe from the horrors of the rest of the world.

A grand, nine-storey castle looms large from a hill to the north, overlooking the rest of the town, casting a shadow over the vineyards of the foothills. The shaman’s hut rests at the end of the largest field, a dilapidated little tent that the vineyard owners wish would move.

Two large housing estates – one to the east and one to the west – are home to the few thousand residents of the town and as they move towards the centre to join, they are interrupted by the commercial side of the town.

A twisty little maze of paths and roads filled with everything the residents need: a café which serves only the finest in hot drinks and snacks, a restaurant that would never even dream of violating health and safety, a museum of history, where the history literally comes alive, a well-funded school, a sex shop filled with all sorts of paraphernalia innocent folk couldn’t name, a bookshop with anti-vampire posters in the window, an always full Internet café, the most stunning bakery with the most stunning baker and most stunning food, a gym, a comic book shop and a five-star hotel.

Right in the centre of it all is the park, a green open space with a lake, a place naturally inhabited by Pidgey, who peck around noisily, and Goldeen, who break the surface of the lake when they sense food. To the south of the town sits the town hall, residence of the mayor, and a large open-air theatre venue for live gigs.

And then there are the people. From the drag queen and the pimp to the hobo who yells in the park, scaring off the Spearow. There’s those obsessed by music, or books, or alcohol, or films. Everyone has a passion, and passion grips everyone. Not a day goes by where there isn’t the sound of laughter.

This is Boothville. This is my home.
DailyBooth seems to be creating itself a virtual village. This sprung to mind, and was useful for practising my descriptions.
elizavacious Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009
This makes me exceptionally happy.
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