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I stare out into the lake.
How I wish I was free.
Fish swim beneath me.
Fish do not fall in love.
Fish do not get their hearts broken.
Maybe this is how a fish feels when someone catches it.
I feel the hook in my mouth, dragging me away.
A kingfisher darts past me.
So beautiful.
I wonder if they fall in love.
No kingfisher would cheat on their partner.
Humans do.
Humans are useless.
Perhaps I should be a tree.
Trees have no feelings.
Trees would not feel this pain.
But it must be a very dull life.
I stare out into the lake.
How I wish I was free.
Something I wrote in five minutes this morning. The photo is my sister out in the forest on the edge of town.

The poem reflects what she could be thinking.
mattheos Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007
I think I like being me, and to heck with freedom. Change is an abundant force in the world, and has a knack for turning up when you least expect it.
Bosshamster Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2007
"No kingfisher would cheat on their partner."

Source, please? :XD:

Joking aside, I like this a lot. Very moody and forlorn, and it fits the photo beautifully.
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