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Submitted on
August 7, 2008
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Is it jealousy?
This need
This want
This drive you have
To ridicule everything I do?

Do you fear me?
What I stand for
What I do
What you can’t understand
Why can’t you understand?

They say the best friends are those that stick around
Even when they’ve not been given a reason to
Which must make me the best friend of all

I know that you lack confidence
But why should that mean you have to knock mine?

At least I didn’t lose my virginity
Just because everyone else was
And I didn’t meet guys from the Internet
Just to get a cheap hotel room thrill
And I didn’t abandon everyone
Just to come crawling back two years later

I’m sick of being your jester
I don’t tell you anything anymore
Because you won’t take it seriously

I’ll tell you things
When I can trust you again
Very soon, this will all be said for real. I just know it.
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